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MI Spartan Impact - MSU works side by side for a stronger Michigan

Every day, Michigan State University works to advance prosperity for the people of Michigan—making a positive impact on the state’s economy in the areas of technology, agriculture, manufacturing, health care, education, energy, environment, and the arts.

MSU’s talent and expertise help position Michigan as an uncompromising competitor in a global market, and we make vital contributions to the state’s economy. In fiscal year 2013, MSU attracted more than $477 million in external funding. The University Research Corridor—comprising Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University—has a combined $16 billion annual economic impact in Michigan.

Michigan State—particularly through AgBioResearch and Extension—plays a key role in the state’s annual $91.4 billion food and agriculture system through partnerships, research, and educational programs in all 83 counties.

MSU is making a difference—everywhere—in Michigan.

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