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Region 11

Macomb, Oakland, Wayne

Region Statistics

Enrolled Michigan Students

Veterinary Medicine Students

Enrolled Medical Students

Alumni Residing in region

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Agriculture and Natural Resources - 5,653

Arts and Letters - 6,040

Business - 18,737

Communication Arts and Sciences - 11,158

Education - 9,145

Engineering - 6,296

Human Ecology - 4,034

Human Medicine - 793

James Madison - 1,819

Justin Morrill College - 90

Lyman Briggs College - 678

Music - 124

Natural Science - 6,417

Nursing - 1,084

Osteopathic Medicine - 1,509

Residential College in Arts & Humanities - 46

Social Science - 15,097

Urban Affairs Programs - 104

Veterinary Medicine - 776

Spending with Local Businesses

Total Economic Impact

Staff/Faculty Residing in region

Financial Aid Disbursed

4-H Youth Participants

Property Owned by MSU (Acres)

MSU Partner Hospitals

*Data is from an independent study by the Anderson Economic Group


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Partnerships & Programs

Michigan State University partners with communities, organizations and businesses throughout the state of Michigan. Here are just some of the many ways MSU is working in this region:

Upcoming Urban Farmer Tune-Up workshops planned for Flint and Novi

The Michigan State University Extension and Flint Food Works will have workshops for people interested in growing produce in urban environments. (Read More)

7 Michigan cities get 'placemaking' assistance to help communities thrive

Seven Michigan communities will receive technical assistance on economic development projects through the Michigan Municipal League's PlacePlans partnership. (Read More)

MSU gets USDA grant to aid Michigan’s fledgling farmers

Michigan State University has long been a resource for small farms in Michigan. Thanks to a $750,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, MSU will be able to help even more fledgling farmers get their start. (Read More)

Opportunity abounds in the Michigan food and agriculture industry

Michigan is highly ranked in the food and agriculture (ag) industry in the United States. This industry is strong in Michigan, as the Governor referenced during his 2015 State of the State address. According to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, “The food and ag industry in the state of Michigan has exceeded $100 Billion of economic activity." (Read More)

Michigan State alumna joins nonprofit

Ashly Jurek has been named an accountant at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. In 2010, Jurek earned an MSU bachelor's degree in business, specializing in accounting. The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is a full-service philanthropic organization. A permanent community endowment built by gifts from thousands of individuals and organization, it is committed to the future of southeast Michigan. It supports a wide variety of activities benefiting education, arts and culture, health, human services, community development and civic affairs.  (Read More)

MSU researchers want to figure out how many stray dogs are really roaming Detroit

It became a kind of overnight urban legend. A couple of years ago, Detroit's "50,000 feral dogs" made national headlines, which in turn drew eye rolls from residents sick and tired of seeing their city depicted as an apocalyptic hellscape, especially when that 50,000 number was sketchy at best. A second survey came in far lower: the World Animal Awareness Society put the number of stray dogs in Detroit closer to 3,000. But Michigan State University researchers want an answer for themselves.  (Read More)

Transforming urban charter schools through teacher leadership, trust and a common vision

Michigan State is partnering with 20 Detroit-area charter schools as part of a larger, $22 million project led by the Michigan Association of Professional School Academies (MAPSA), a statewide membership organization for charter schools. The overall TEAMS (Teacher Excellence and Academic Milestones for Students) grant, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is a study of performance-based pay models as motivation to improve teaching. (Read More)

Changing school culture, one conversation at a time

Michigan State University’s Office of K-12 Outreach has been a leader and innovator in training educational coaches for more than a decade and continues this valuable work with Coaching 101, a program developed for MI Excel, the Statewide System of Support for Priority and Focus schools. (Read More)

MSU assumes leadership role in national composite-materials venture

With more than 25 years of research excellence in the field of composite materials, Michigan State University today was tapped by President Barack Obama to be a core partner in a national consortium designed to advance research and development in this all-important field. (Read More)

MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine student wins research poster competition

Second-year MSUCOM student, Elise Craig of Macomb Township, Michigan, was awarded first place in the American Osteopathic Association’s Bureau of International Osteopathic Medicine (BIOM) student research poster competition. Her research, Carcinogenic Risk for Carancas Children Exposed to Arsenic through Drinking Water, she conducted as part of MSUCOM’s international elective to Peru. She’ll present the poster on Oct. 25 during OMED, the national osteopathic medical education conference in Seattle. (Read More)

Welcome to the Neighborhood

MSU’s nationally recognized Neighborhoods initiative helps students succeed. (Read More)

Michigan State University Extension catalog of programs and services

Michigan State University Extension helps people improve their lives by bringing the vast knowledge resources of MSU directly to individuals, communities and businesses. For more than 100 years, MSU Extension has helped grow Michigan’s economy by equipping Michigan residents with the information they need to do their jobs better, raise healthy and safe families, build their communities and empower their children to dream of successful futures. (Read more)



Regional Contact information

Extension Information

MSU Extension District 11

28115 Meadowbrook
Novi, MI  48377
Contact: Marie Ruemenapp
Email: ruemenap@msu.edu
Toll Free:  (877) 643-9886
Office: (248) 380-9100