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MI Spartan Impact - MSU works side by side for a stronger Michigan

Region 11

Macomb, Oakland, Wayne

Region Statistics

Enrolled Michigan Students

Veterinary Medicine Students

Enrolled Medical Students

Alumni Residing in region

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Agriculture and Natural Resources - 7,038

Arts and Letters - 7,156

Business - 24,299

Communication Arts and Sciences - 13,498

Education - 10,589

Engineering - 7,914

Human Ecology - 4,590

Human Medicine - 1,094

James Madison - 2,477

Justin Morrill College - 113

Lyman Briggs College - 851

Music - 161

Natural Science - 7,562

Nursing - 1,693

Osteopathic Medicine - 2,140

Residential College in Arts & Humanities - 52

Social Science - 18,216

Urban Affairs Programs - 126

Veterinary Medicine - 1,088

Spending with Local Businesses

Total Economic Impact

Staff/Faculty Residing in region

Financial Aid Disbursed

4-H Youth Participants

Property Owned by MSU (Acres)

Medical Interns/Residents/Fellows

MSU Partner Hospitals

*Data is from an independent study by the Anderson Economic Group


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Partnerships & Programs

Michigan State University partners with communities, organizations and businesses throughout the state of Michigan. Here are just some of the many ways MSU is working in this region:

Motor City Newcomer

A self-termed "blue-collar guy with a chip on my shoulder," Broc Gullett loves that Detroit has the same qualities. (Read More)

Helping cities become fiscally fit

Michigan State University will launch a center next month to help the state’s municipalities improve their fiscal health. (Read More)

MSU student, Livonia woman work to promote recycling

Livonia resident Daniela Carter wants you to know recycling can make a difference in the health of the city’s residents. Carter, a graduate student at Michigan State University, approached the city earlier this year, seeking to see if there was an opportunity to complete her practicum through the city for her degree. She’s now completing her practicum working under the Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability and through the Department of Public Works. (Read More)

MSU helps to fight crime with CSI-style technology

Crime fighting is starting to look more and more like the show CSI, thanks to developers at Michigan State University. (Read More)

Improved feed efficiency in dairy cattle is on the horizon, thanks to genomic progress

Michigan State University (MSU) AgBioResearch scientists are working to bring that cost down by combining genomics and nutrition science in an effort to breed cows that require less food to produce the same volume of milk. (Read More)

Drummer Jimmy Cobb swings into Detroit with MSU band

The tag line that follows around drummer Jimmy Cobb these days is that he's the sole surviving member of the Miles Davis band that recorded the iconic "Kind of Blue," the 1959 LP that's been a talisman not only for jazz aficionados and musicians for more than half a century but also treasured by the whole of American culture. (Read More)

From the farm to Farm Lane: sustainable food at Michigan State

With nutrient rich soil, unique weather patterns and distinct seasons, Michiganders share the benefits of a booming agricultural industry. At Michigan State University, the commitment to strengthen and improve that industry has been a core goal from the very beginning, dating back to the land-grant roots that situated MSU as a leader in groundbreaking agricultural research. (Read More)

New Spartan Success covers undergrad career placement rate, experiences

Michigan State University launched Spartan Success, a new data-driven website that highlights MSU's outcomes and successes in undergraduate placement within six months of graduation. Spartan Success uses data currently reported in MSU’s Career Services Network’s annual Destination Survey and other sources, which detail job and graduate school outcomes, salaries, location and undergrad experiences of recent MSU graduates. The website demonstrates that a degree from MSU is an investment that pays dividends. (Read More)

Michigan State University’s newest commitment to student success is an innovation accelerator

The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology will focus on student success by creating and accelerating new ways to collaborate, learn, research and deliver instruction, said Jeff Grabill, associate provost for teaching, learning and technology and director of the Hub. (Read More)

Grow where you are planted

Spartans are testing the limits of growing food in less than ideal conditions at an entrepreneurial incubator farm in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Modeled after MSU’s Student Organic Farm, educators and apprentice farmers use innovative sustainable growing practices to launch farm businesses that provide healthy local food. (Read More)

MSU is looking to protect orchards – with falcons

Catherine Lindell, Michigan State University integrative biologist, will use a nearly $500,000 National Science Foundation grant to attract more falcons to orchards. Lindell and two other MSU colleagues are investigating whether crop damage decreases when the population of small falcons increases. (Read More)

Teacher Preparation at MSU: Cassandra’s Story

Cassandra Johnston explains her experience preparing to become a teacher in the Michigan State University program, from applying her sophomore year, to taking courses and applying what she has learned in real classrooms. (See More)

Detroit from the inside out: Spartans join in city's reinvention

"Michigan State’s engagement in Detroit over many years isn’t just a natural consequence of the city’s prominence. It’s an intentional result of our land-grant mission to work with our stakeholders where they live, as partners in empowering individuals for better lives and as co-creators of solutions to their most pressing problems." Lou Anna K. Simon, President (Read More)

MSU plays key role in new Michigan science standards

Michigan State University faculty members played a key role in developing the new K-12 science standards approved by the State Board of Education this week. (Read More)

Mega Tiny Corp reinvents iPhone case in downtown Detroit

Mega Tiny Corp. has something more going for it than just a cool name. Its co-founders believe they have the next cool product for iPhones. (Read More)

Designs on Detroit Potato Chips

When the Detroit Friends Potato Chips company was looking for help coming up with a design for its packaging, it looked no further than the Advertising students at MSU. (Read More)

Detroit Dialogue: The Student Voice of Detroit's High Schools

Detroit Dialogue is published by Crain Michigan State University Detroit High School Journalism, a program of the Michigan State University School of Journalism, to provide a platform to showcase the work of student journalists in the city of Detroit. Dialogue has been established as a forum for student expression and as a voice in the uninhibited, robust, free and open discussion of issues. (Read More)

Launching Products, Creating Jobs in Detroit

Michigan State University’s Product Center has launched 455 new businesses and expansions, resulting in $328 million in sales and the creation of 1,273 jobs in Michigan in just over a decade. (Read More)

Crain, MSU partner to support high school journalism

Crain Communication and the Michigan State University School of Journalism have come together to support high school journalism programs in Detroit high schools. (Read More)



Regional Contact information

Extension Information

MSU Extension District 11

28115 Meadowbrook
Novi, MI  48377
Contact: Richard Wooten
Email: wooten@msu.edu
Toll Free:  (877) 643-9886
Office: (248) 380-9100