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MI Spartan Impact - MSU works side by side for a stronger Michigan

Statewide Data

Region Statistics

Enrolled Michigan Students

Veterinary Medicine Students

Enrolled Medical Students

Alumni Residing in state

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Agriculture and Natural Resources - 20,657

Arts and Letters - 17,550

Asst Prov For Univ Outreach & Engagement - 1

Business - 36,275

Communication Arts and Sciences - 21,990

Degree from other Institution - 2

Education - 33,568

Engineering - 15,112

Human Ecology - 10,280

Human Medicine - 2,845

James Madison - 3,755

Justin Morrill College - 301

Lyman Briggs College - 1,392

Music - 472

Natural Science - 18,296

Nursing - 3,559

Osteopathic Medicine - 3,127

Residential College in Arts & Humanities - 114

Social Science - 40,293

Urban Affairs Programs - 209

Veterinary Medicine - 3,107

Spending with Local Businesses

Total Economic Impact

Staff/Faculty Residing in state

Financial Aid Disbursed

4-H Youth Participants

Property Owned by MSU (Acres)

Medical Interns/Residents/Fellows

MSU Partner Hospitals

*Data is from an independent study by the Anderson Economic Group


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Partnerships & Programs

Michigan State University partners with communities, organizations and businesses throughout the state of Michigan. Here are just some of the many ways MSU is working in Michigan:

Bioeconomy Institute: Scaling up companies, future entrepreneurs 

When Michigan State University accepted the Holland-based Bioeconomy Institute in 2007 as a gift from Pfizer, it took on a $50 million-plus property that was poised to set MSU apart from other universities. (Read More)

Building a Better Blueberry

Blueberries enjoy worldwide popularity thanks to their sweetness and antioxidant-rich nutrition profile. But the bounty of nature alone is not enough to keep pace with the heavy demand for this tasty, healthy fruit. (Read More)

'Bias Busters' book blasts stereotypes

Quick quiz (answers below):

What country are most Hispanics from?

Is Chinese food in America different than Chinese food in China?

These and 198 other questions that people might ask about Hispanics and Latinos and East Asians are answered in the two latest books written by Michigan State University students who are part of the School of Journalism’s “Bias Busters” class. (Read More)

MSU alumnus is driven to make an impact

There are more than half a million Michigan State University alumni worldwide and 232,000 living in the state of Michigan. With that many Spartans, they’re bound to make a big impact on Michigan and the world. This is true for alum, Brad Lamberg, president of the County Road Association of Michigan, an organization representing all of Michigan’s 83 county road agencies that collectively manage more than 75 percent of Michigan roads.  (Read More)

FRIB groundbreaking: Concept becomes reality

After more than five years of design, the securing of funding and preliminary construction activities, work has officially begun on the civil construction for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. (Read More)

MSU approved to receive more than $90M in state funding for FRIB project

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University passed another hurdle on Tuesday with the approval of more than $90 million in state funding. (Read More)

MSU launches The Spartan Advocate

Michigan State University has launched The Spartan Advocate – an informative and interactive site developed to educate and galvanize Spartan faithful on current issues in the Legislature and provide the tools necessary to help them communicate to policymakers, media and community groups the importance of supporting MSU and higher education. (Read More)

MSU among top-producing universities for Peace Corps volunteers

With 47 graduates currently serving as Peace Corps volunteers, Michigan State University ranks No. 14 in this year’s Peace Corps’ list of top volunteer-producing large universities across the country. (Read More)

MSU driving research for tomorrow’s cars

MSU, nestled in the midst of car country, is among the nation’s leaders in auto-related research. The university receives millions of dollars in research grants every year that are used to develop better cars and the fuel that keeps them running. In addition, there are dozens of faculty from a variety of colleges who conduct research on auto-related matter. (Read More)

Michigan's University Research Corridor ranks high among leading U.S. research clusters

Michigan’s University Research Corridor ranks high among eight university innovation clusters in a new measure that examines research and development spending, research commercialization and talent production, according to a new economic impact report. (Read More)

Findings suggest STEM education can begin in early childhood

New MSU research shows that children as young as three may be ready for direct math instruction, unlike formerly believed. Early education may help increase the skill level in children’s later education and help them compete in our competitive economy. (Read More)

How former President Hannah leveraged football to make MSU the academic leader it is today 

Former President John Hannah made MSU what it is today by increasing state funding, utilizing the G.I. Bill and getting the school admitted into the Big Ten. (Read More)

Michigan’s public universities are stimulating the local economy

Michigan’s 15 public universities are key employers and economic drivers in the state, responsible for more than 120,000 jobs and with spending and earnings accounting for $23.9 billion in economic activity, according to a new report from the Anderson Economic Group commissioned by the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan. (Read More)