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Region 14

Alpena, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet, Montmorency, Otsego, Presque Isle

Region Statistics

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Alumni Residing in region

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Total Economic Impact

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4-H Youth Participants

*Data is from an independent study by the Anderson Economic Group


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Partnerships & Programs

Michigan State University partners with communities, organizations and businesses throughout the state of Michigan. Here are just some of the many ways MSU is working in this region:

Researcher to hang out under the Mackinac Bridge

A Michigan State University researcher will soon attach sensors to the underside of the Mackinac Bridge. Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with Nizar Lajnef about what he hopes to learn from studying the everyday stresses on Big Mac. A Michigan State University study is aimed at doing a better job of monitoring the condition of American bridges. It starts next week. (Listen More)

‘Build habitat and they will come’: MSU research aims to bring bees back to Midwest farms

The native bee population in the Great Lakes region is on a decline, forcing farmers to explore new, bee-boosting tactics to produce the high yields of fruits and vegetables producers and consumers depend on. Dr. Rufus Isaacs, a bee researcher, and professor in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University, meets with the host, Kirk Heinze, on Greening of the Great Lakes to talk about the work he’s doing to bring bees back to the Midwest farms and gardens. (Read More)

Michigan 4-H helps youth build Developmental Assets

A three-year study shows Michigan 4-H youth are building Developmental Assets through positive relationships with leaders, empowering youth to be creators of their own development and helping others through service. (Read More)

MSU brings better data to plant research

A new technology in plant research that is exclusive to MSU can be used to bolster production yield in crops or to breed plants that are heartier and able to withstand factors such as drought. (Read More)

Cherries and Beer Hops Growing Like Crazy in Michigan

Michigan State University research is leading to bumper crops of tart cherries and the resurgence of the state’s hops production. (Read More)

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams sneak peek draws in hundreds

More than 1800 people came out to get a sneak peek of this up and coming facility and excited would be an understatement. 6 News spoke with a couple scientific geniuses who say FRIB (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams) will not only benefit the greater Lansing area, but will help with unlimited amounts of research for the future. (See More)

Nearly 4,000 attendees learn about FRIB

Nearly 4,000 members of the public attended the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams and National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory open house on Aug. 20. The "Rare Access” event included activities, demonstrations, presentations and tours that allowed attendees to learn more about a world-leading science facility in operation (NSCL) and one in the making (FRIB). (Read More)

Hundreds pack into FRIB during open house

Nine-year-old Johanna Glinz of Montcalm Township was busy Saturday afternoon keeping a model molecule between two lines on a 10-foot-high clear cylinder. Using a handheld dial to control a fan at the base of the tube, the 4th-grader learned her task was similar to that of FRIB scientists, who will have to carefully monitor unstable molecules. "The scientists will also use electron microscopes to look at the particles," she said when her mother Jennifer Glinz prodded her to share what she'd learned. (Read More)

MSU cultivating a new generation of farmers

Farmer Veterans are learning soil health from some of the experts in the state of Michigan. The Farmer Veteran Coalition of Michigan teamed up with Michigan State University Extension, the NRCS, and others, to teach the effect of cover cropping and compaction, tillage, and water infiltration—practices the veterans can use on their farms. (Read More)

Community pleads to keep MSU Extension office

It was an emotional morning at the Clare County Commission chambers. Earlier this week, commissioners voted to eliminate funding for the county’s Michigan State University Extension Office. Supporters of MSU Extension made the case that that investment in their community is crucial. “I understand that there’s budget cuts,” Ursula Jehnzen, a 4H Club Leader told commissioners. “I understand that money is tight. I understand that there’s just not that much money to go around anymore. But, I am asking you to reconsider the MSU program. It has helped our family immensely in many different aspects.” (Read More)

MSU named first innovation hub in state

In April, Michigan Strategic Fund approved $3.5 million in funding to support the acceleration of technology transfer from Michigan’s higher education institutions, nonprofit research centers and hospital systems. Michigan State University’s Translational Research and Commercialization Program has received $1 million of that funding, matched by $1.27 million from MSU, designating the university as the first “innovation hub” in the state. (Read More)

White coat ceremony begins medical school journey

More than 300 new students began their osteopathic medical school journey recently by receiving their white coats and scrubs during the College of Osteopathic Medicine’s 46th annual convocation and white coat ceremony at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts on June 10. “After today your life will completely change,” said William D. Strampel, dean of the school, who told the Class of 2020 that from this point on their actions do not only reflect on them individually, but also on the college, the university and the profession. (Read More)

Sparrow, MSU team up to create healthy eating app

Folks have tried it all, restrictive diets, counting calories and more in an attempt to lose weight and stay healthy. But now, Mid-Michigan health experts say they've found a way to change your behavior - just pick up your smart phone. (Read More)

Sustaining a Ssssssspecies

To help ensure a healthy planet today and tomorrow, Spartan researchers work across the globe to study and preserve wildlife habitats—from pandas in China to hyenas in Africa and, in Michigan, the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. With Michigan the last stronghold for the snakes, MSU’s work to track them and collect and share data is important to preserving the habitat crucial for the survival of the species. (Read More)

Fertilizer use could reduce climate benefit of cellulosic biofuels

According to a new study from the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center and Michigan State University, the use of nitrogen fertilizer on switchgrass crops can produce a sharp increase in emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas up to 300 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and a significant driver of global climate change. (Read More)

Lindsey Averill: Working with heart, hands and knowledge

Lindsey Averill is a traditional student earning a bachelor of science in nursing. She has learned that nursing is not just another job and wants to be an advocate for patients, realizing they are holistic beings that need compassionate care. (Read More)

MSU researcher working to develop new cancer-fighting drug

Michigan State University professor and researcher André Bachmann is collaborating on cancer-fighting research that could change the way we treat the illness. Bachmann, professor of pediatrics and associate chair for research in the MSU College of Human Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, is working with plant biologist Robert Dudler from the University of Zurich to develop a natural bacterium produced chemical with anti-cancer properties. (Read More)

Helping cities become fiscally fit

Michigan State University will launch a center next month to help the state’s municipalities improve their fiscal health. (Read More)

MSU helps to fight crime with CSI-style technology

Crime fighting is starting to look more and more like the show CSI, thanks to developers at Michigan State University. (Read More)

Improved feed efficiency in dairy cattle is on the horizon, thanks to genomic progress

Michigan State University (MSU) AgBioResearch scientists are working to bring that cost down by combining genomics and nutrition science in an effort to breed cows that require less food to produce the same volume of milk. (Read More)

From the farm to Farm Lane: sustainable food at Michigan State

With nutrient rich soil, unique weather patterns and distinct seasons, Michiganders share the benefits of a booming agricultural industry. At Michigan State University, the commitment to strengthen and improve that industry has been a core goal from the very beginning, dating back to the land-grant roots that situated MSU as a leader in groundbreaking agricultural research. (Read More)

New Spartan Success covers undergrad career placement rate, experiences

Michigan State University launched Spartan Success, a new data-driven website that highlights MSU's outcomes and successes in undergraduate placement within six months of graduation. Spartan Success uses data currently reported in MSU’s Career Services Network’s annual Destination Survey and other sources, which detail job and graduate school outcomes, salaries, location and undergrad experiences of recent MSU graduates. The website demonstrates that a degree from MSU is an investment that pays dividends. (Read More)

Michigan State University’s newest commitment to student success is an innovation accelerator

The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology will focus on student success by creating and accelerating new ways to collaborate, learn, research and deliver instruction, said Jeff Grabill, associate provost for teaching, learning and technology and director of the Hub. (Read More)

Grow where you are planted

Spartans are testing the limits of growing food in less than ideal conditions at an entrepreneurial incubator farm in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Modeled after MSU’s Student Organic Farm, educators and apprentice farmers use innovative sustainable growing practices to launch farm businesses that provide healthy local food. (Read More)

MSU is looking to protect orchards – with falcons

Catherine Lindell, Michigan State University integrative biologist, will use a nearly $500,000 National Science Foundation grant to attract more falcons to orchards. Lindell and two other MSU colleagues are investigating whether crop damage decreases when the population of small falcons increases. (Read More)

Teacher Preparation at MSU: Cassandra’s Story

Cassandra Johnston explains her experience preparing to become a teacher in the Michigan State University program, from applying her sophomore year, to taking courses and applying what she has learned in real classrooms. (See More)

MSU plays key role in new Michigan science standards

Michigan State University faculty members played a key role in developing the new K-12 science standards approved by the State Board of Education this week. (Read More)

Conference provides entrepreneurs ingredients for success

The eighth annual Making It In Michigan Conference and Premier Specialty Food Marketplace Trade Show will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Nov. 10 at the Lansing Center. (Read More)

Launching Products, Creating Jobs in Detroit

Michigan State University’s Product Center has launched 455 new businesses and expansions, resulting in $328 million in sales and the creation of 1,273 jobs in Michigan in just over a decade. (Read More)

Responding to Invasion: Protecting Michigan’s Fruit Industry

Michigan’s fruit industry boasts more than 22,000 acres devoted to small fruit production; blueberries account for a whopping 20,900 of those. Valued at $118.5 million, the blueberry industry has helped Michigan gain a reputation as a top producer of one of the world’s most popular fruits. (Read More)

4-H Capitol Experience leaves lasting impression on teenage participants

More than 80 teens from across the state experienced and explored various aspects of policy, civic engagement and leadership at the annual 4-H Capitol Experience, March 22-25. (Read More)



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