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Region 6

Region Statistics




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Agriculture and Natural Resources - 36

Arts and Letters - 34

Business - 30

Communication Arts and Sciences - 34

Education - 42

Engineering - 28

Human Ecology - 28

Human Medicine - 20

James Madison - 10

Justin Morrill College - 6

Lyman Briggs College - 14

Music - 10

Natural Science - 34

Nursing - 28

Osteopathic Medicine - 20

Residential College in Arts & Humanities - 4

Social Science - 34

Veterinary Medicine - 22








*Data is from an independent study by the Anderson Economic Group


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Partnerships & Programs

Michigan State University partners with communities, organizations and businesses throughout the state of Michigan. Here are just some of the many ways MSU is working in this region:

Innovation is a Spartan state of mind

For Michigan State University Spartans, entrepreneurship is more than a skill or discipline—it’s a mindset. It’s a way of thinking and working that opens doors, creates connections and accelerates innovation across disciplines. Spartan innovators imagine a better world, then work to make it a reality. MSU supports them by connecting them to experienced business leaders and start-up funding opportunities and by cultivating university-wide entrepreneurship programs and community collaborations. (Read More)

Extension program turns 100 in Missaukee County

Shari Spoelman's been going through 100-year-old reports a lot lately. She's found pictures of bear hunting, shirtless guys holding shovels and pictures of pine stumps. And lots and lots of pictures of farmers' fields. She's putting together another report; this one is for Missaukee County commissioners, to show them what 100 years of Michigan State University Extension have meant for the county. (Read More)

MSU Ag Innovation Day at Lake City Research and Extension Center

Beyond a plethora of campus-based programs, MSU AgBioResearch supports scientists at 13 off-campus sites across Michigan. One of those is the Lake City Research and Extension Center (LCREC). Established in 1928, the Lake City facility includes over 800 acres of managed land and 180 beef cattle in an area suitable for forage-based livestock enterprises, potato production and bioenergy crop production. The Center recently hosted the 2nd annual MSU Agriculture Innovation Day. (Read More)

The Great State Road Trip!

From East Lansing to Escanaba, see how MSU Spartans make Michigan a place of opportunity, innovation, and prosperity. (Read More)

‘The Great State Road Trip’ to showcase MSU impact in Michigan

This summer, MSU’s Communications and Brand Strategy is taking a road trip throughout Michigan, highlighting the ways Spartans are making the state a place of opportunity, imagination and innovation. Titled “The Great State Road Trip: Exploring MSU’s Impact Across Michigan,” the journey spans three weeks and seven cities showcasing Spartan doctors, scientists, creators and educators, and the transformative work they do every day. (Read More)

MSU AgBioResearch announces field day schedule for summer 2017

Members of the community and Michigan’s agriculture industry are invited to tour several of the Michigan State University research facilities this summer during the annual field day festivities. (Read More)

Michigan ArtShare and Michigan State University Extension announce a “Call for Art” program

Michigan ArtShare is creating a “Looking-At-Art-Images” education program named ArtShare, utilizing a ‘critical thinking practice’ called Visual Thinking Strategies. The project goal is to use narrative images created exclusively by Michigan artists for the students to view using the VTS method, instead of using images from art history or other states or countries. This enables Michigan’s children to become more visually literate and creative problem solvers, and they will do so by looking at professional Michigan artist’s images and becoming more familiar with their work. (Read More)

Pres. Simon’s testimony to the House Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee

On March 23rd, President Lou Anna K. Simon testified before the House Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee and made her case for MSU. "By supporting public higher education, you support Michigan residents’ ability to compete in a global knowledge economy. By supporting Michigan State, you are supporting our three-dimensional mission of education, research and service to Michigan communities. Michigan citizens deserve to have high expectations, together with the actual means to achieve them. With your support, MSU is committed to doing just that. (Read More)

Can meat save the world? Scientist at Lake City Research Center hopes so

Help slow global warming. Reverse desertification. Can an MSU experimental pasture for grass-fed beef at the Lake City Research Center achieve such audacious goals? Scientist Jason Rowntree is finding out. Conventional beef farming, though massively productive, is one of the most resource-intensive forms of agriculture, often stretching the limits of water-starved landscapes and producing huge quantities of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. So if Rowntree wanted the world to start thinking about things differently, it would have to start with people like him. (Read more)

Michigan 4-H alum Izzy showcases her passion for fashion on this season’s Project Runway: Junior

A Michigan 4-H’er is living out her childhood dream at the young age of 16. Even though she’s still in high school, Isabella (Izzy) Kostrzewa is following her passion for fashion and design. She was a contestant on season two of the reality show “Project Runway: Junior,” currently airing on Lifetime TV. (Read more)

Tapping century-old Spartan barley

MSU’s agricultural roots are infusing Michigan’s robust beer industry with the revival of Spartan barley. The variety, boasting superior qualities and well suited to Michigan’s climate, was developed 100 years ago at MSU and made its way into fields across the country. Recently, an MSU AgBioResearch agronomist and his team revived the barley from heirloom seed and partnered with New Holland Brewing Co. to create a limited-edition beer. Brewing with this storied grain is a toast to Spartans’ significant contributions to Michigan agriculture and economic prosperity. Cheers! (See more)

The newest economic realities for your dairy farm

There is no question that Michigan dairy farms have been experiencing tough economic conditions over the past two years. Some drivers of these conditions are new, or at least greater in scale than have been experienced previously. The response by individual farms is critical to their ability to survive and thrive. MSU Extension is offering a program called Newest Economic Realities in Agriculture: Building Your Farm’s Plan. This program is designed to help everyone, from a novice to an advanced farmer, to understand your business’ numbers. (Read more)

MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to honor Sen. Darwin Booher

Michigan State Senator Darwin Booher will receive the Distinguished Service Award from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) at Michigan State University (MSU) during the ANR Week Luncheon on March 7. Booher is one of three individuals who will be recognized with the Distinguished Service Award, which is given to individuals or partners who have made outstanding contributions to Michigan’s agriculture and natural resources industries, and who possess high standards of integrity and character and positively reflect and enhance the prestige of the CANR. They demonstrate a commitment to MSU and the CANR by continuing outstanding levels of leadership and volunteerism at the state, national or international level. (Read more)



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