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Issue Update - FY19 Higher Ed Funding

In February, Governor Snyder recommended an overall 2% increase for higher education for fiscal year (FY) 2019. Once run through Michigan’s funding formula, this sets up a 1.8% increase for MSU operations. This level of increase means MSU will closely return to its 2011 funding level (in raw dollars without inflation). The House and Senate Appropriations historically has moved in a direction to reduce higher education operational funding compared to the governor’s recommendation.

On another positive note, the Governor has recommended a 2% increase in AgBio and Michigan State University Extension funding compared to the FY18 budget. MSU continues to work closely with legislators related to our 2019 capital outlay request. For the second consecutive budget cycle, MSU has submitted our STEM Teaching and Learning facility for consideration for state funds. MSU has experienced a 40% increase in STEM-related curriculum in the last decade. This increase has put a strain on existing STEM related teaching space. It is expected that final approval by the Legislature on the FY19 state budget will be coming in mid-June.

MSU received approval from the Joint Capital Outlay Committee (JCOC) last year for the STEM Teaching and Learning facility. This is a $30 million contribution to the $72 million project. We are now moving to the planning phase and anticipate approval in April by JCOC.


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