Current Issues

Currently Monitored Bills: 

FY24 Executive Budget Recommendation

SB 76Requires license or background check for purchase of firearms.

SB 77Updates references to pistol in penal code.

SB 78Updates references in sentencing guidelines.

SB 79Provides penalties for storing or leaving a firearm where it may be accessed by a minor.

SB 80Updates sentencing guidelines reference.

SB 81 - Exempts firearm safety devices.

SB 82 -Exempts firearm safety devices.

SB 83 - Enacts extreme risk protection order act.

SB 84 - Prohibits purchase of firearms if individual has an extreme risk protection order.

SB 85 - Enacts guidelines for making a false statement in support of an extreme risk protection order.

SB 86 - Provides service of process for extreme risk protection order actions and waives court fees.

2023 Spartan Advocate Updates:

  • 102nd Legislature

    February - Governor Whitmer Releases State Budget Proposal

    The Governor’s proposed budget includes significant investments in our state’s public universities, including $2.1 billion of ongoing funding and $50 million in one-time funding. 

    Specifically, some elements of the Governor’s higher education budget recommendation for the fiscal year 2023 – 2024 include:

    • A 4% base increase across the board for each university in Michigan
    • A 4% increase for MSU Extension and AgBioResearch
    • A 4.5% limit on tuition increases

    In addition to the annual higher education line items, the Governor has proposed supplemental funding for student-driven needs:

    • An additional $100 million for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship
    • $140 million to lower age eligibility from 25 to 21
    • $75 million for the Reconnect Bachelor's Degree Pathway program to provide college affordability grants to students whose education disrupted by COVID-19.
    • $85 million for Student Wellness, Wraparound Services, and Basic Needs Supports for student at public colleges 

    At this time, we do ask you to take time to learn more about the Engineering and Digital Innovation Center and share your support for this funding request by signing MSU's EDIC support campaign.