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  • Why should I be a Spartan Advocate?
    Become a Spartan Advocate and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of higher education in Michigan. As an advocate, you'll have the unique opportunity to support Michigan State University's initiatives, influence policy decisions, and ensure that the voice of the Spartan community is heard in vital legislative conversations. Your involvement can make a real difference in fostering a stronger, more vibrant future for MSU and the entire state. Join us in this impactful journey and help us continue the legacy of Spartan excellence!
  • What is the role and history of state appropriations?
    In 1985, state appropriations accounted for more than 58% of MSU's funding. In 2024, these same appropriations account for around 19% of the university's funding. Learn more about this downward trend.

    Over the last decade, appropriations for general operations for Michigan State University, and publich highrer education, has seen a nominal increase but haven't kept up with inflation, eroding the value of funding. As major percentage of MSU's budget, state appropriations value per dollar has significantly decreased, placing more financial pressure on other fund sources to cover costs. This trend highlights the growing gap between state support and the actual funding needs of the university.

    General Operations History
  • What are some issues Spartan Advocates have worked on?
    Spartan Advocates have been instrumental in achieving significant successes for Michigan State University, demonstrating the power of collective advocacy:

    • Federal Pell Grants Increase: Advocacy efforts led to an increase of over $800 per student annually in Federal Pell grants, providing essential financial support to countless students.
    • Engineering and Digital Innovation Center Funding: Secured $30 million in funding for the state-of-the-art Engineering and Digital Innovation Center, enhancing MSU's technological and educational capabilities.
    • General Operations Funding Growth: Over the past five years, advocacy has resulted in a total annual increase of $30 million in general operation funding, bolstering the university's resources and programs.
    • Support for AgBioResearch and Extension: Continued increases in funding for AgBioResearch and Extension, in line with general operations, ensuring ongoing support for vital research and community programs.
  • Why it is important to hear from you?
    Hearing from constituents across Michigan, not just from Government Relations, is crucial because it ensures a diverse range of perspectives and needs are represented in decision-making. Constituent voices provide real-world insights and personal experiences that enrich the policy-making process, ensuring that the actions taken by legislators truly reflect the collective interests and concerns of the entire community. This inclusive approach strengthens democracy and leads to more effective and equitable policies that benefit all of Michigan.


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Becoming a Spartan Advocate is one of the most effective ways to show support for MSU, higher education, MSU Extension and AgBioResearch in Michigan. Spartan Advocate is an initiative that provides supporting facts, resources, and opportunities to help alumni, faculty, students and university partners communicate the importance of supporting MSU and higher education.

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